Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering:


This Department is committed to render services in the challenging world of industries and organisations by shaping the  students talent in the field of Electronics as well as in the field of Communication with high technical brilliance. "Electronics" is the only word that finds a prominent place in the areas of industrial application, communication, Automation etc. The scope of electronics when it relates with communication, has a great impact. Students of our department are well trained and equipped, to suit the latest trends in this modern world.

Salient Features :

The  Electronics  & Communication Engineering Department have well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculties  in the field of Applied Electronics, Communication Systems etc. Most of the faculty are postgraduates. Eminent personalities from industries and academic institutions are invited periodically to present guest lecturers in the  emerging areas.  The wings of this department are fully geared to accomplish the ever-growing needs in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering. The department is fully equipped with excellent  laboratories  of high end  equipments  and  tools.

Laboratory facilities :

Each  laboratory  is  fully equipped to meet the requirement of  U.P.Technical  University Syllabi. The students are trained in the Laboratories with the guidance of the faculty during and even after the college hours. The department is feathered with different laboratories and workshop.

1.  Electronics Lab I and II

2.  Digital Electronics Lab I and II

3.  Microprocessor Lab.

4.  Communication Lab, I, II, and III

5.  Microwave Lab.

6.  Fiber optics Lab.

7.  Digital Signal Processing Lab.

8.  EDA Tool Lab.

9.  PCB Lab.

10.  Electrical Engineering Lab.

11.  Electrical Machine Lab.

12.  Control System Lab.

13.  Energy Conversion Lab.

14.  Measurement Lab

15.  Hardware Project Lab.

The Laboratory facilities are constantly upgraded to take care of the technological Changes in the respective disciplines.