HOD Desk

Head of the Department Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Mr. Atul Kumar Srivastava who is working here as a head of the department, is a renowned academician and is having teaching experience of more than a decade. He has 16 national and international publications to his credit. The book authored by him titled ‘Bank management- an Indian perspective’ is claimed to be one of the best books on Indian banking scenario.

Mr. Srivastava started his career with ICICI bank but owing to his strong inclination towards academics, he joined academics. Few of the cases authored by him have been cleared by ‘European case clearing house, London’.

The field of management examines management policies and practices in the context of organizational growth and development, and the dynamics of organizational behavior.

Management combines well with accounting, finance, marketing, information systems, operations and supply chain management.

The importance of managing people and of management processes generally, is an inevitable event in every professional’s life and the same art/science is taught by professors here.