I feel this merely can’t be termed as a unilateral visionary effort‚ but deserves to be adjudicated as an achievement commendable par excellence. That an educational institute at a place otherwise not popular for education after establishing its credentials in producing worthy engineering science graduates and post graduate in MCA to make‚ design and maintain working machines‚ have chosen to educate and train students as life science technocrats in ‘PHARMACY’ discipline. The Pharmacy discipline has been described by the scientists‚ as an Art‚ Science and Technology of substances of plant‚ animal‚ natural and also of man made origin‚ utilized in diagnosis‚ prevention‚ mitigation and treatment of ailments and diseases of all living being. The education in this discipline shall develop the students as assets to the health care system of the nation.

I wish students of all disciplines of the institutes a very bright and successful future.

Prof. S. K. Majumdar

Director Pharmacy
ITMG Gorakhpur