The essence of Engineering and Management education which has spread in India is a very positive sign not only to cater domestic needs but  also provide manpower to the entire world and become biggest technically trained community

Engineers play the most vital and important role in nation building. They create new inventions using best engineered technologies to make human life more comfortable, secure and productive. In modern times, nations which have rich engineering and experienced management domains are flourishing economically and are providing better lives to their people We have excellent potential to grow in diversified areas and excel in Engineering and Management fields. We need enormous number of engineers and managers to write next story of success.

India produces nearly 6 to 7 lakhs engineers per year. However the employability of only 10% of the engineering students is not that good and there are very few institutes which can boast of good academic & placement records. ITM is being established with motive to produce engineers with sound knowledge of subject, good communication skills, pleasant personality, positive outlook, zeal to work for organisation with a positive result oriented approach. Ultimately it is the output which counts for any person and organisation. Drop by drop makes the ocean, similarly success of every students makes the organisation successful. I personally assure every one along with our academicians, administrators, that we at ITM shall augment our expertise and infrastructure with all facilities and left no stone unturned to provide the best for creating the knowledge universe.

May the blessings of the Almighty shower on you in abundance.


Greetings from ITM!!

A foundation build on values, with the objective of creating centers of excellence for education in the field of Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, ITM is among one of the best colleges in eastern UP, is scaling a new heights. Within a 14 years span of time, we have evolved by leaps & bounds and metamorphosed into one of the best educational Institutions in Northern India.

The essence of the life is to live a life for others and die for a noble cause. We at ITM express our gratitude for receiving an opportunity to serve the nation. We have a crystal clear vision of enlightening the student brain with sound and technology-rich academic curriculum. We pledge to ensure that the students of ITM will not only progress in their respective fields but will also become the responsible citizen by abiding to the rules and will live a disciplined life, Students  are encouraged to achieve a “Sound Mind in a Sound Body”.

Our students represent a microcosm of the Indian ethos  and culture,each of them endowed with unique abilities and interest.I invite you to be a part of the exciting world of endless opportunities at ITM, a premier Institute with a quality vision.