UPTU Clauses

Attendance-Clause 3

      • 1.1 Every student is required to attend all the lectures, tutorials, practical and other prescribed curricular and co-curricular activities. The attendance can be condoned upto 25% on medical grounds or for other genuine reasons beyond the control of students.

      • 1.2 A further relaxation of attendance upto 15% for a student can be given by Head of Institution/college provided that he/she has been absent with prior permission of the Head of the institution/college for the reasons acceptable to him.

      • 1.3 No student will be allowed to appear in the end semester examination if he / she does not satisfy the overall average. This  attendance requirements of Clause Nos. 3.1, and 3.2. and such candidate(s) shall be treated as having failed and will be further governed by clause no. 4.2 & 4.3.

      • 1.4 The attendance shall be counted from the date of admission in the college or start of academic session whichever is later.




    • "Ragging is banned in the institution and any one indulging in ragging is likely to be punished appropriately which punishment may include expulsion from the institution, suspension from the institution or classes for a limited period or fine with a public apology. The punishment- may also take the shape of: (i) withholding scholarships or other benefits (ii) debarring from representation in events (iii) withholding results (iv) suspension or expulsion from hostel or mess and the like".


    Award of Sessional Marks:
    Sessional marks for theory subjects, practical and project shall be awarded as will be prescribed and at present the break-up of sessional marks shall be as follows:

    (a) Theory Subjects:
    (i) Class test, which will comprise 60% two mid-term tests of equal weight age
    (ii) Teacher Assessment Tutorial/Assignment/ Quizzes 20%
    (iii) Attendance 20%

    (b) Practical:
    (i) Two mid-term viva-voce/tests of equal weight age 50%
    (ii) Teacher Assessment Lab, Record 25%
    (iii) Attendance 25%

    (c) Make-up test may be held only for those students who could not appear in any one of mid-term class tests due to genuine reasons for which the prior permission from the Head of Institution/College was taken. Make up test shall ordinarily be held about two weeks before the semester examination. The syllabus for the make-up test shall be the whole syllabus covered by the subject teacher up to that time.